about katy



200hr-Registered Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance Certified

The Temple of Kriya Yoga Chicago - 2009



With over a decade of exploring yoga and movement, Katy has crafted classes that will encourage your body to create balance and efficiency.

Focused on breath, relaxation, awareness, and alignment, Katy guides you through a transformative class combining meditation and movement. Each class is thoughtfully designed with intention and focus by combining breath work, visualizations, fluid movement, classical hatha yoga postures, and aromatherapy.

The mission of these classes is to offer a safe space where individuals can generate awareness of their mind and body through conscious breathing and movement. When you connect your breath with your movement your body creates internal harmony for higher healing vibrations. By breathing deeply, exhaling accumulated toxins and inhaling oxygen, we take the first steps toward returning the body to its original state of health.